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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

News from NZ, Norwegian Wood by Murakami and how Pearl has a nap

I go an email from a friend from NZ. He and his fiancee were in our ceramic class before. It is nice to catch up. He is thinking to skype their wedding for those who can't attend. What a brilliant idea! We would go if we didn't have so many animal family. But 3 parrots, 2 dogs (one mad and one a bit leaky), one finch and one chicken, we can't ask anybody to look after them for longer than a day or so. They are taking a throwing lesson from an old potter on his road. They were learning very quickly and improving a lot in a short period. How marvellous! I had offered if we could send some of our tableware as a gift, but I guess they can make their own now! He got one of my rabbit girl. I know she is very happy with them.

Don't worry, she is alive. She can sleep with her eyes and mouth open.

I worked hard in the morning. But later in the morning, I was in the mood of telling the world what I like to say! Twitter! Having slept well, I got my energy back and cheerful self. Then I got a strange follower. Hmmm, she looks a normal lady on the avatar, but the link is something to with 'xxx'. Ping! rang in my head, and I blocked her. She had lots of followers, though! I used to receive lots of junk emails saying Russian girls called, Nina, Nene etc. want to meet me! hahaha. So did Mike. I told him, if I die sooner than he does, he shouldn't ever get in touch with these email brides. All money would be taken and he would be ended up at the bottom of the sea with a rock tied around his ankle. He seemed to have taken my advice seriously.

Belly up, she is very alive
I read more of Norwegian Wood after dinner. There are several suicides and loads of sexual description in this story, just like Wind-up bird chronicle. But, strange enough, there is no moisture in these parts. So dry. So detached. I am not sure the reason is because the book I am reading is translated in English. I don't know. I asked one of my old friends, Mimi, if she had read it. She said she hasn't read any of Murakami's books. She also said that she mainly reads on comuuters' train, and it is so embarrassing to read books with such sexual descriptions in public. Yes, she has a point.

She fed up me using flash.
I noticed that Haruki Murakami stopped twittering since before Christmas even though he did so frequently before that, when I decided to leave my messages for him after reading his book. I was VERY tempted to say 'Mr Murakami, are you alive?' just like characters do in his story.     

Bu not that fed up enough to wake up.
This afternoon, I was a kind of waiting for the movement of certain companies' share. There was, but not enough for me to act. So I took some photos of Pearl the whippet. 
P.S. She is sleeping in almost identical postion, right now.       

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