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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sleep deprivation and our bird family photos

Last night, I was struggled to fall into sleep again. Finally about midnight, when I started feeling dozy, Fifi the Patagonian conure thought it would be a good idea to start a party in the dark.She started banging a bell and squeaked several times. Sigh. Our two Greys have never done this. They are quiet during nights.

Fifi, Patagonian conure. Party lover.
We were woken up about three in the morning again. Topaz whined. She has bad tummy. I assume it is caused by one of her favourite food, cooked potatoes. Yes, simple microwaved potatoes. When we stopped her giving her potatoes, she got better. So we resumed offering some, she started having a trouble again. Poor girl usually never ask to go out during nights. She is very clean in the house. One of her a few good points (another is her high intelligence). Once she clears potatoes from her system, she will probably recover. If not, we will take her to the vet. I even took a photo of her stool, thinking it might be any aid of diagnosis when we take her to the vet.  

Musical and Mechanical, Beaper

I have had the lack of good night sleep for 10 days. My head is heavy and I can't concentrate enough to read reports today. Also Topaz wants to go to the garden every hour or so. So I gave up. This is a good and a bad of point of working for myself. I don't need anyone's permission to take a day off, but I also have none to back up my work. Luckily it has been a quiet day. Taking a nap is not an easy thing to do in our house. We have three parrots. Scooter talks loudly a lot, Beaper whistles and sings very loud, and Fifi screams and bangs her metal dishes. They do these at the same time, and thier room is next to our bedroom. Nobody could sleep.

Scooter (top) and Beaper
Yesterday I found Japanese African Timneh Grey owner on Twitter and got in contact with her. We had out first parrot-like birds in 1998. There was nobody who kept parrots, whom I knew in Japan, then. Besides not so many people was connected to Internet then. Most information I gatherd was from US at that time. They were well ahed of the world. The world really changed so fast and so much.

Recently I was contacted by a nice Russian bird lover. She asked if I could giveher a permission to translate my articled on Kakariki into Russian. Of course, I gave her a permission. It has been already translated into Polish a long time ago. I started the website to help Kakariki in captivity. If even one kakariki has benefit from my old website, I am just happy.

I hope we have uninterrupted sleep tonight. Topaz has been ok for last couple of hours. Fingers crossed!   



  1. 昨夜はぐっすり眠れましたでしょうか


  2. その夜は、パールの生理が始まちゃって、カーペット敷きの2階からタイルと板床の1階に移したら、真夜中前から約2時間、くんくん鳴きまくりました!もう慣れたけれどね。2週間で熟睡したのは4晩かな?新生児の両親みたい!笑

    スクーターとビーパーです。おとぼけでしょ?笑 あらー、鳥達はぱっと見でもきれいよぉ。犬よりすっと頭も良いのよ。