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Friday, 9 August 2013

All firing went well!

Hello everyone. Good news! All three firings went well. There was a downpour while we had breakfast. We had to wait until the rain stopped before we went to the garage to open the kiln.

This is the top shelf. All critters including my 'chicken drawing' who was loaded into the kiln late last night, have survived.

Everyone is safe!
Then we noticed that there was someone else peeking. It's Pumpkin! She didn't enter the dark garage, but she had stayed there until we came out.

What are you doing in dark?
 And this is the lower shelf.

Mike threw two bowls. I threw two rabbit cups.
There is a greenhouse next to the garage. I noticed that suddenly lots of tomatoes are ripening! It is Mike's territory. He has looked after veg so well. Look at the tomatoes. They are the best ever. We cook them quite often to make a simple delicious tomato sauce. We don't eat bought sauce. You just don't feel like eating bought sauce once you make your own with freshly picked tomatoes. 

Mike's tomatoes
I made these two last night. Sorry about the quality of the photo. It's taken just now under artificial light
I keep creating without thinking or planning. It's a fun!

Last night's offerings.

Today was the first day of Mike's 10-day-leave. But I have been busy with my day work. Last two weeks were one of the busiest time of the year, for my work. Even so, we went to the studio; Mike is an honourable ceramic student (in Jane's words). I unloaded both kilns, and did a bit more finishing, but had to come home to return to more work. Never mind. I will spend a long time in the studio tomorrow!


  1. Thrilled to see Pumpkin again . lol
    Mike great job in the tomato department. How are you doing with walking by the melon section at the market ;)
    Midori your offerings are so pleasing!

    1. He hasn't bought a melon, but bought a pineapple instead! But he ate all by himself. So he solved it! : D How about you, willow? ; )