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Monday, 12 August 2013

Disused tunnel, dinosaurs footprints and crescent moon

Hello everyone. Mike is in the middle of his 10-day leave. So Monday is not really Monday to him. It is still to me, but one of my busiest weeks of the year have just gone; I can relax. I should be able to cruise until mid-September unless some major issues arise. They often do!

Yesterday afternoon, we went for a walk to the back of Kent University. One summer I used to take Topaz to this area almost every morning. But it is a deserted place, and there are lots of brambles which cut Pearl’s skin, so I stopped going. There is a public path alongside the old Crab and Winkle Line, one of the UK’s oldest rail lines. It opened in 1930, between Canterbury and Whitstable. It is the world oldest to carry passengers regularly and also the oldest line to issue a rail pass in 1932. The line literally goes under the University ground. Well, actually the University was built over its tunnel.  Because it was a steam train, there are several water reservoirs along the line. You can still see round ponds here and there. 

Disused Tunnel - isolated and desolated.
I also used my newish camera to film the walk for the first time. It’s wobbly and shaky. But I had a good shot of Topaz rolling on a certain stinky spot, and Pearl marking on the grass. Oh dear! ( They are good shots only because they stopped, so I could focus on them! )

While I was taking photos of these trees, Mike and girls walked away. 

The right side is the railway bank.
 At the lowest point, there is a stream. We could hear the sound of  a small water fall. This used to be Topaz's water hole.

Topaz' water hole.
Here is Pearl. Her shadow is securely attached to her, unlike Peter Pan's.

 Sky was dramatic.
On the slope.  We have just turned back. Left side is the railway bank.
 There are only wild flowers there.

When we walked back to our car, we found dinosaurs foot prints around the campus. 

Then our nemesis, the seagulls flew over and threatened us, especially Topaz. They always target her. But this time, we didn't get dive-bombed. Thanks for that! 

As soon as he spotted us, he threatens us and making alarm calls on the building!
Back home, we were hoping to see some meteorites. Instead, Mike counted three satellites before it became cloudy! But we were treated with a beautiful crescent moon before dark.

 I feel special when the moon is especially beautiful. Some kind of magical feeling. The beauty of the night. 


  1. Like Topaz pearl is a lovely dog! I think you did quite well with this new camera. Very interesting walk, I did not know about this old railway. The night sky is really magical! x

    1. Thank you! Pearl is calm, gentle and very very sleepy! : ) You can walk or cycle on The Crab and Winkle line. We have walked here and there in the past. : )