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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dog shampoo day and Mike's birthday present

Hello everyone. Today I took a day off from studio work, although I popped in there to check the kilns (I fired two kilns yesterday). I always go to check whether firing has finished. Yes, there are programmers, but best to check them in person. I heard the story that twice firing failed to stop for days, and all shelves collapsed.

We started a day with tidy up of the kitchen as we booked the annual boiler service. Sadly we have to remove lots of things before the boiler can be checked.

Then I had a busy morning. I had an hour of webcast to watch. It's a difficult result to swallow and digest. One day you gain and one day you lose. Let's hope gain is greater than loss.

After lunch, we quickly went to an errand; kiln check and dropped off  dry cleaning. Then we shampooed Pearl. She used to hate shampoo. She used to put nails down and pretended that she was made of rock. Now she has progressed so much that she reluctantly accepts shampooing as a part of the house rules.

Let me out!
 After rinsing her, we closed the door of shower cubicle and waited for her shaking herself. But she didn't. We opened the door, then she jumped out and shook herself to her heart's content. Yes, we got wet, too.

Drying on a bath towel

One of the good things of whippets is that you can towel-dry them. She becomes dry very quickly. To separate her from unwashed Topaz, we kept Pearl upstairs. Then she peeks from the staircase. Awww. So cute! Yes, she and Topaz were given Chewing Stix I bought today.

Give me chew stix!

After she got dry, it's Topaz' turn. Pearl went back to her also washed bed. She takes sleep very seriously. 

  She also sleeps in odd positions. We used to think it is her, but after seeing other sleeping whippets on Internet, it is probably whippet thing!

I sleep like a girl.  (Why is your neck so bendy? All the better with fitting to doughnut bed!)
Then the door bell rang. It's Mike's birthday present from me! In fact, I have never seen what it is; I knew it is a camera (Mike told me!) Mike chose, paid and received it from a courier. His birthday is the 22nd, by the way. If he is happy, I am happy. (Marriage rule 1)

What's that?
DPD is like Japanese couriers. They come during the time slot of one hour they said they would. I am a satisfied customer!

It smells plastic!
Mike looks very happy.

Happy birthday. Mike (on the 22nd)!
Here is comparison with mine (right).

Bigger than mine

His has more functions and higher specs than mine. But it hasn't got GPS, so it was on offer, he said. All men like gadgets, don't they? I even don't know why you need GPS on a camera.

One little, two little three little Canon.... 
The one I took the photo is also Canon. We have three Canon. : )


  1. In our house it is known as A Visit to the Rain Closet! Winterused to hate it and acted like we were waterboarding her, but like Pearl she has become resigned.
    What a neat birthday present....and an early wish for many happy returns of the day to Mike.
    I have a Canon I bought several years ago; I'm very fond of it. Three! Wow!

    1. Hello Suzi. Rain closet! Good naming! : ) Mine is also old. I dropped it twice, but still working :) Mike is happily planning how to spend his birthday. : )

  2. Oh Pearl looks so much like one of your sculptures although I think the picture of her sleeping on her back might be a difficult one to capture! Lovely dogs x Jane

    1. Hello Jane. Yes, she is the model. She often sleeps on the back with legs up! : D Topaz has never done. Thank you! They are fluffy today!