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Sunday, 4 August 2013

My fingers forgot how to make little sweet rabbits!

Hello everyone. We had a lovely sunny day again today. You might wonder why I am always concerned about the weather in mid-summer. Because here in England a hot summer is rare, and the lack of summer is quite common. I often say there are three autumns and one winter a year in UK. This summer is the first real summer since 2006. I stopped buying summer clothes a couple of years ago, because there is no day hot enough to wear them. One of my summer dresses was still hung with a price tag.  A couple of linen tops have never been worn. So, if you find your English friends talking about weather too often, you should not think they are bores. Good weather is rarity here, and people tend to drop everything, and enjoy it. Otherwise we may not have it for seven years!

This afternoon, I set myself to make small whippets and rabbits. My fingers remembered how to make whippets, but not the rabbits. Some of you might remember that I used to make little sweet rabbits like this.

I neatly carved it out from the lump of clay. It was unusual and complicated method, but I made several of them. After about one year, I can't make any more. Shocking! My fingers lost memory. You know, there is muscle memory. I have tried several times this afternoon, but sadly failed each time.

So I ended up making this one. What is it?

She looks like one of Moomin characters!
Princess rabbit. 
It is difficult when I can't make what I like to make, but there was nothing I could do, so I played with it. 

In contrast with the rabbit, I enjoyed making whippets. 

The first one

So, I even tried a new posture. Pearl sometimes does this when she really gets fed up because her dinner or walk is late.

My dinner is late again!
When will she take me for a walk?

These are our last cherries in the garden. They are Stella, black cherries. I always pick them a bit too soon, so they have never become as dark as bought ones. I guess that's the point of having a cherry tree in the garden; eating them not as ripe as they should be! 

Still tasty!
Late morning, we took Pearl to the Kent University campus. Mike had some empty boxes in his office to collect. He collects some of clean boxes for me so that I could use them for shipping my ceramics. I do my best to keep the shipping charge low.

'I saw a little bunny on campus! Sweet, fluffy and a pocket size! I wanted to chase it, but I was not allowed! : (' 
Mike's shopping habit update:  Mike had a quarter of the melon this morning. I had another quarter with prosciutto - heavenly!- at lunch time. So we had a half. He went to a supermarket this morning, but he didn't buy any fruits!


  1. First let us give Mike some clapping for resisting the fruit . Mike don"t tell Midori ~ but I do it too (shh just ur secret ) ! But I will now take my own advice , if you can i can . LOL
    Midori I love that little Ann Bolin bunny !
    Of course the Whippets are always a treat.

    1. He read your comment and laughing out loud first in the morning! I always believed that you live mostly on your land! He did, so you can, Willow! LOL

      I spent about three hours to try to make a rabbit, when I found I can't, I was very disappointed. So when this funny little princess came up, I consoled my hurt feeling. : D

  2. Hi Midori! So glad to hear you are finally getting to enjoy a proper hot English summer! I'm sure we used to have them in the old days, or should I say the olden days, when I lived there ;D
    Seems to me your fingers are still working very well. Lovely to see your rabbits and whippets. Bye for now, Jane

    1. Hello Jane. I could have worn all pretty summer clothes this year, but alas, I go to dirty studio every day, I haven't worn them yet! : D Scientists said we had been in two decades of unstable cold climate period. It is entire my life in Canterbury! I hope we will have proper four seasons from now on. Praying. : )