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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lunch with Harriet, and a litter of whippets.

Hello everyone. Today I had a relaxing lunch with Harriet Gifford, a film maker and painter. This morning I glued myself to PC to watch a webcast, so it was refreshing to trot down to the Westgate for lunch. We met at Cafe du Soleil, which is over the river Stour. The river is so clean, you can see fish swimming. This is the shadow of me over the bridge taking this photo.

River Stour
 And this is the bridge. You can only enter it via this bridge.

Today's lunch venue.
Harriet is smart and professional. She told me that she is the only one, who is still a professional artist among 25 classmates at art school where she graduated. We had an intriguing conversation in private. Time flew. Then she had to go back to Sidney Cooper Gallery where she works.

I trotted up the gentle slope to home, and also went back to work. After three, I finally finished, and wanted to go to the studio to load the kiln. But there must have been an accident or something. The road was backed up so much that I gave up and turned back. Instead I cooked Japanese dinner for my sweet Mike! (I rarely cook.) My plan was that after dinner we would go to the studio together.

When we arrived the gate of studio, it was already locked by security. I expected it would be open until nine. Apparently I was wrong. Never mind. Hopefully I will be able to go tomorrow.

Then back home, I had searched for my wedding and engagement rings for about two hours. Obviously I removed them together, so they went to missing together! I searched in bins, vacuum cleaner, drawers, laundry machines and all pockets. I even checked under the carpet and furniture. Mike joined me. After about two hours had passed, Mike said he would buy me new ones. Almost simultaneously, I found them in a hidden pouch in one of my bags! I was not sure if it was a good timing or bad timing! ; ) We got tired, but celebrated our successful search with a bowlful of Haargen Dazs; vanilla for him and vanilla and choc for me!

As my day work has kept me busy, I can't get down to the studio as often as I would like to this last week. To compensate it, I am making little beauties at home. My whippets have increased. Darker coloured ones are still damp.  Each has its own character. One is looking a bit side ways. Another is looking up. Two are looking down and three are looking straight. They will be fired at home later this week.  

A boxful of whippets!


  1. Ha, I was expecting some baby whippets, we raised boxers when I was a child and there is nothing sweeter than a new litter of puppies. But your litter is sweet too, is the different color due to different degrees of dryness? How cool to have a conversation with an artist of so many years.

    1. Grin. Big grin! Yes, darker ones became already paler. We are lucky to have her in our course. : )