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Friday, 2 August 2013

Creation on the hottest day of the year

Hello everyone. It was the hottest day yesterday. Canterbury reached 31c. My office room gets quite hot although I use a fan with all windows open. I managed a long webcast, about two hours, in the morning, but that was it. I went cooler downstairs and worked on a tablet. In the evening, while I waited until the bedroom becomes cooler, I had a clay session. The garden door was open, and Pumpkin the chicken was there talking to me, 'Foo, fewwww, cooo'. So I made this.


After I finished it, it was still hot, so I made this, too.
What's that?

A chick with big feet!

Dogs were very lazy. They even didn't want to go for a walk.
Melting Pearl


But at nigh when it got cooler, Topaz suddenly brought toys to me. So I played with her a bit. : )

'This toy, that toy, all are mine' game 

Summer heat has helped our veg and fruits in the garden. We started harvesting tomatoes. 

Each of us has to eat a bowlful of raspberries everyday. 

About four cucumbers ripe everyday. I make simple pickles, and eat them as savoury snack. Pumpkin gets large ones for snack.

Needless to say, we have loads of beans and courgettes. Mike cooks several courgettes in a large pan, and we have them with pasta or as they are wit Parmesan cheese on top over several days. We are still keeping a tab on beans, as I like them so much. Dogs get overgrown beans with their meals. Parrots also enjoy them. So we eat what Mike grows. But Mike keeps buying fruits such as nectarines and melons from supermarkets, and they get rotten because we can't eat all at the same time. A bowlful of raspberries and a handful of cherries from the garden are enough for one day. He even buys two punnets of nectarines, even though we are only two, big (Mike) and little (me!). He does this every year. How could I stop him? : O


  1. Love it ...Ms Pumpkin inspired you well. Love the Pumpkin face and the chick with. The big feet is super!
    Your garden is putting out a beautiful yield.
    As for Mike, with his eyes bigger that his belly for melons and nectarines, give him a smoothie of "overly ripe" fruit next time and say drink up ...he may think twice next time he is at the market ;) hee

  2. How clever you are! I read out your comment to Mike. :D Definitely his eyes are bigger than his belly, which is not very small! He put out a melon he bought last weekend from the fridge soon after that. I guess he rather eats it than smoothie! ; )