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Saturday, 3 August 2013

More masks and mandrake in CO1 alarm!

Hello everyone. Here are more of my new masks. First, the man with huge ears. He has pale apple green eyes. I have used this colour for cats before, but it is the first time for humans. I like it.   
Huge ears

Next, another rabbit mask. As you probably know, I like making rabbits. He is handsome one.

I have spent about four hours in the studio. I took Mike with me, well, he drove me. He had kept a company for me. The first thing we did was to remove a battery from carbon monoxide alarm, which was beeping intermittently from some time last week. It is not very annoying, but still irritating. Nice to not to hear it. (In fact, it sounds like 'pi pi' in David Bowie's 'Fashion'.)  It is alerting that the battery is flat. I don't use a gas kiln until September, so Jane the technician told me to remove the battery from it. I held the step ladder, while Mike climbed it up and removed it. When he was detaching the battery from the alarm, it made ear-piercing scream-like sound, which remind us of Mandrake in Harry Potter's film! I felt something devilish living in it!

We are still forging on with our own fruits.
We shared them between us before we went to the studio this morning.

Willow left a comment with wise suggestion about how to cure Mike's shipping habit. First in the morning, still in the bed, I read it out to Mike. He grinned. After a while, he went down and came back and told me that he put a melon from the fridge out to eat. He bought it a week ago. Now about a half past nine at night, the melon is back to the fridge intact.

After the studio, he quickly made delicious dish this evening. He shallow-fried six courgettes, a large garlic clove, and smoked bacon (added after a while) in olive oil for a while, then put a lid on, and cooked it for about five to eight minutes. Courgettes became mushy and made a kind of solid soup. He shaved Parmesan cheese on top. It was delicious so we had it before I took photos!. Easy, simple and effortless. My trilogy in cooking!
The best thing is simple. 
In the studio, I finished this mask. I am thinking to put white slip on him. 

Also, I have prepared this little chicken for the second glaze-firing. The body part still needs something more. I will finish her next week. 




  1. Ha Ha Don't tell me Mr. Mike backed out of the melon after all that !
    Very nice pieces Midori . You KNOW I love that chicken ,I think it it has a few lovely frizzle feathers :)

    1. He did! But he ate a quarter this morning. :D Now he is on a shopping trip. I'm curious if he restrained himself!