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Thursday, 15 August 2013

My new dog wall mask and Oare marsh

Hello everyone. We had a hot afternoon here in Canterbury. Late afternoon, I popped into the studio to collect fired works.  I had two kilns on, and both went well. There were three glossy chameleons, three wall masks as well as other things. I have listed one of them this evening. It is a dog mask. You would imagine I made a whippet. Not so, this time.

My new dog wall mask
The brown glaze has delicious colour! It is my new glaze. I love him! I don't know exactly which breed he is, but I feel he has a bit of terrier. He is on my Etsy shop now.  
Side view

I have also listed two more works. If you haven't checked my shop recently, have a look at my new works!


Mike, who is in the middle of 10-day-leave, went to Oare Marsh, near Faversham, this afternoon. It is one of our favourite places for bird-watching. I would have gone with him if I hadn't been this busy with my work.

As he got his new camera, he took lots of beautiful photos of Oare. Oare is the stopping place for migrating birds. Birds land here to feed after arriving from the Continent, and before heading to the Continent. So we can see lots of different birds.

Very shallow water between Oare and Isle of Sheppy. 

Always wind-swept. Little egret.
Mike was happy to see several Avocets. I like them. They are elegant slim birds with turned bills. I have seen their chicks in a wildlife park. When they are very young, they have straight bills.


Lots of waders

Surrounding Oare is an agricultural area. They were making hay. I call them Baumkuchen. Do you know this delicious German cake? I used to have them when I was in Japan. There are definitely similarity between the cake and the hay!

A mast of a boat in Farversham creek is behind the field

I would go there to see migration in early autumn. It is a lovely view of swallows and swifts feeding over the water. But today, I have to satisfied with the beautiful photos Mike has taken.  


  1. Your dog mask has a sweet and expressive face! Looks ready to chase a stick!

    There's a Japanese Market I shop at in San Mateo (California) that has a beautiful bakery and deli section. They carry Baumkuchen, too! Baum means tree and kuchen means cake. And they do look like logs! Side by side with manju! My grandson loves manju over cake, though! Even over candy.

  2. Thank you, Charlene. I am happy how the dog turned out.

    I am jealous, seriously jealous! : D Nowadays there are more Japanese ingredients available here in Canterbury than 20 years ago when I came here for the first time, but not o-manju, not Baumkuchen! I haven't seen real o-manju for years. Your grandson is lucky to have all kinds of treats from all over the globe! : )

  3. Hello Midori, your dog mask is beautiful! I enjoy trying to work out what the expressions on your masks are saying to me. This dog seems happy and friendly..and there is a hint of innocent expectation, or is it hiding guilt? perhaps s/he's done something wrong and doesn't want us to know about it. :D

    1. Hello Mark. Thank you! I love reading your imagination. That's a fun part of showing my works. : )

  4. Hello Midori-san!!
    *_* Mmmh... What Cute mask of dog!!
    i find it particulary sucessful!! Well done !! °_^
    Full of Friendly kisses from France,

    1. Hello Lenore62-san. Thank you! I had no plan for this one, but this dog appeared from the clay! : )