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Monday, 2 June 2014

Forest Children

Hello. I hope you had a good weekend. Mike took a week off, and had helped me to prepare for the art fair at Teddington. When I finished making the last set of masks last Friday, I felt I saw light at the end of tunnel, finally. But since then I went backward a bit. I started assembling sculptures. This time it was a not easy. When Linda at Blue starr gallery asked for a demo for fitting a head and a body, I replied there is nothing to show because it is easy. I must take my words back. I have got a few difficult pieces. It is, indeed, agonizing!

Forest children,  6" tall

We also had a problem with the delivery of lighting for the fair. Despite waiting in for two days, City Link has never attempted to deliver them even though our goods were loaded onto their van on both days. About 4:30 their website says 'sorry, there is delay but will deliver today' and then about five, they say we have tried but nobody was in, so we left a card, which they didn't. Then suddenly their tracking page says they tried twice, there was nobody in, so we have to go to collect from Ashford, that is about 30 minutes drive away. Mike talked to the supplier, and they told us that have arranged another delivery today. We will see if they turn up. If you are using a courier, please don't use City Link for Canterbury area. Your customers will be very unhappy.  We are certainly not using that supplier again!

These are the completed masks of the Forest Children.

Forest children, 5 3/4" tall
His hair is brighter than photo above.  The sun was coming and going, so I had difficulties to take good photos recently. I have used dark cobalt, which looks like deep indigo blue.


Forest children, 5 1/4" tall 

Hair- close up

Paeonies, Sara Bernhardt

These masks are being fired in the kiln right now. Kiln opening is tomorrow morning.


  1. Oh I like the contrast of the dark and shiny hair to the pale smooth face on these, very effective, what lovely paeonies, I have one in my yard and am anxiously awaiting the blooms to see what they are.

    1. Thank you, Linda. How exciting to see what your new garden will offer over the year! : )