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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Where the wind blows, Hope and Freedom

Hello. Beautiful sunshine came back. I am so glad. I thought our summer was over as soon as I put our winter clothes away!

Our house is full of boxes. In order to solve the space problem in our little car, I got Really useful boxes from the loft, and emptied the contents, our winter clothes, into bin liners(!) and packed loose delicate works. They are stackable, so I hope this will save some space.

Some of my pieces are really difficult to pack. As you know, I sell online, so I usually make something easy to ship. But for exhibitions, shows and art fair, I enjoy creating more free style pieces. This, of course, causes some headache and heart break when I have to pack them.

Where the wind blows. She is attached to a steel rod. This caused such a problem. But Mike with his great engineering brain, came up with solution. I hope she will be intact.

Where the wind blows

Where the wind blows - detail

I love this angle.

She comes with Travertine plinth, which is attached to her feet. This requires a careful balancing act. The real problem is her arm and little flowers on her head. Lots of bubble wraps are strategically placed around her.



She was even more difficult to pack. She is too tall for most boxes in our house. Her arm is sticking out quite a lot. Travertine plinth is also attached. In the end, she went to a box without a lid and then to a Really useful box. Her arm is sticking out from the box!


Freedom - detail

I hope all will make it to Teddington. Fingers crossed!


  1. Well done for your first art fair event! I admire your work so much and really feel that you put life and love into each piece. They are alive and magical. It was wonderful to see them (and you + Mike) in person! Your stand looked lovely and I am glad that you enjoyed your time in Teddington. xxx

    1. Thank you for coming, Minerva, It was a great pleasure to meet you, John and your friend. Thank you for your kind words. It was such a lovely place. We should have come one day earlier and looked around, in hindsight. Meeting you was the highlight of the weekend. Thank you for giving me then unforgettable moment. : ) X