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Monday 9 June 2014

Oracle - my grandfather died during sleep.

My grandfather died during his sleep. My father, a young boy then, happened to sleep with him on that night. He found his father cold the next morning. He used to tell me when I was young, that he wished he would die like his father. 'He still doesn't know he died.' Reality was not so kind to him. My father had a stroke at 64, and he has been disabled since then.

When I started making Oracle, I didn't have any plan to add a little dragon on her shoulder. I decide as I make. I don't draw. I just hold clay and feel it. When I finished making her, I had strong urge to add a dragon on her shoulder. As some of you know, we have lived with parrots for many years. Mike used to call our first kakariki, Kiwi and a Patagonian conure, Fifi, dragons. Fifi had cantankerous nature. I wanted to make a Chinese style dragon without legs. After that, I kept her in a plastic bag to keep her damp. Then, Fifi, out of blue, passed away over night during her sleep in her sleeping box. When Mike found her next morning, she was still in her sleeping position. She was normal the night before and over 20 years old. After a funeral, I looked at the dragon, and thought it needs feet. I added them. It was about two months ago. Fifi is in our garden now. I placed her favourite bell and one of my chameleons next to her to keep her company.


Life is sometimes an irony. Despite his wish, my father didn't get what he wished. Instead, Fifi had the most peaceful end, and, we hope, a happy life before that. Seeing through to the end of an animals life is always sad. Seeing their suffering is heart breaking. This time, we know that she didn't suffer. Living with animals has made me philosophical. I often think about death and life. Animals have made me feel I want to enjoy my life more, every single day.

Oracle - back side


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    1. Thank you, Anne. Life is, as I always think, stranger than novels. I feel that lots of strings are knotted and tied here and there in our lives.