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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Herald and bendy Topaz

The weather has been so lovely here in Canterbury. I keep saying to myself that it won't last, but yesterday, I finally got my summer clothes out and put winter clothes away. I hope I won't regret it too soon.

I am having a great time on Facebook. I met wonderful people. I still can't figure out how I should operate on it; except for posting and reading other people's posts. I apparently sent a friend request to someone I don't know, and I didn't know that I did until the lady kindly accepted it. Imagine my surprise! This was caused by me fiddling with FB on the tablet. At this moment, I am still observing other people. I post everyday about my ceramics, except for yesterday when I was too sleepy to keep awake. If you are on FB, please join me at: https://www.facebook.com/MidoriTakaki.Sculpture

The preparation for the art fair is going well. As this is my first art fair, I am trying to imagine what we would need to take with us. But I try not to get too worried about it. There is a high street near the venue, so if we need something, we can still get it on that day, I hope.

I have shared this photo on twitter recently; it has been well received. He is Herald.

Herald -  34 cm


Topaz, the bendy dog, is still bendy. :D She somehow reminds me of a reptile. She lies like this in the middle of  busy traffic. We have to walk around her.

In the garden, she stretches more. To protect Pumpkin, our queen chicken, Topaz has to be tied up to the laundry post!
'They think Pumpkin is greater than us!'


  1. Ha Topaz is indeed bendy .
    I can see the reptile comparison too :)

    1. She bends slightly differently everyday! :D