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Saturday 14 June 2014

Guardian of children without parents and a young faun

Autumn wind has already come! It was so cool that I needed a cotton jumper inside today. I hope this is not the end of summer. I have just put all winter clothes away! Typical! But fortunately the jumper was hiding behind a chair. :D

Yesterday I was able to take more photos of my latest works. My work is my diary. I create what I have in my mind on that day. I can read them like stories. So it is a bit strange for me to see all together in a random order.

He is 'Guardian of children without parents'. I made him soon after I learned that a lady had very difficult past. She was sent to an orphanage at the age of five, separated from her siblings. It saddened me very much. At that age, children badly need parents or someone who protect them. She said that she had felt that there is someone watching over her so that she could survive the time during orphanage. Hearing such a story was a shock to me, and the shock was resulted in this figure.    

He is a boy, yet wise. He shares pain and loneliness of orphans. He keeps an eye on them. 

Guardian of children without parents, 28.5 cm


Faun is something I had wanted to make for some time. The problem with a ceramic faun is that without any support he would not stand on thin goat legs. So I made him this way. I also wanted to experiment with Forest boy type hair. He became rather sweet, unlike those fauns in Greek stories. 

Young faun 24.5cm

Young faun - back


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