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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Oracle has spoken - Landmark midsummer art fair 2

At Landmark, my whippets and owls were very popular. It is easy to decide to buy something small. A lady asked if I make little pigs. I have made one before, and would love to in future.

People have to think about big pieces more. I do the same. I think it over coffee, and then sometimes sleep on it. But once a while you feel such a strong connection that you knew you have already decided to have it. Owl finch owl caught lots of people's eyes, and he found a lovely lady. I explained her that the late Mochaccino, my miracle owl finch, was the inspiration. Since his death, I have kept making owls. Among them Owl finch owl is closest to Mochaccino. Here is his story.

Owl finch owl -side view - Sold
Mike made the mahogany mount with steel rod for him. I used bronze-gold glaze for the ball under him. He was mysterious, strong and beautiful, just like Mochaccino was.

Owl finch owl - Sold

Owl finch owl has human hands.

Water Boy found a lovely lady who reminds me of a mermaid. I was silently impressed by this. She almost chose Water girl, but, I guess, in the end, he chose her. She commissioned Mike to make an elegant mount for Water boy. He has started working on the design for it.

Water Boy - Sold

Empress and Oracle found a wonderful couple. I feel people or my sculptures tend to pick each other with similar energy.

She is the largest mask in this type. She is 21 cm tall, and quite deep. As her title suggests, she is majestic. Her eyes are incredible. You can almost read what she thinks.

Empress- Sold

Oracle has been very popular on social networks since I shared her photos a week ago. I am very happy with the way she came out. She is 34 cm tall and quite large. A few people asked me if I have pain to part with her because of the little dragon. I don't. To me creating has meaning. She found a lovely couple who love her so much. She would rather be with them, for sure.

Oracle -Sold


  1. Your owl finch is phenomenal and beautifully mounted. I could see it causing people to stop in their tracks. It seems that larger pieces tend to do better in galleries. Smaller pieces can fit into a smaller environment---apartments, condos, city dwellings, etc. So glad to see your pieces found their homes.

    1. Thank you, Charlene. I'm lucky because Mike helps me to make mounts. I have no experience with other materials but clay. He was born mysteriously and remains as such. I am so happy that that he now lives with a wonderful lady. Thank you! : )

  2. Hi Midori
    So happy for you that these pieces all found new homes.

    1. Thank you, Anna. They found wonderful people! : )