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Saturday, 28 June 2014

People who made the fair so lovely! - Landmark midsummer Art Fair 3

Mike and I went to London to see Matisse at the Tate today. It rained in London again!  Despite that, it was a lovely exhibition, and we both enjoyed it. I even bought a Tate original coloured card set to make cut-out like his! I am so easily influenced! :D I will share the experience next time. 

Tate gallery, London

Today is the last of the art fair story. I would like to introduce the lovely people I met at the fair today. One of the joy of our lives is to meet nice people. 

I have already thanked visitors. Here I would like to thank volunteers. Everyone was wonderful! We made friends with an elderly couple. They had been always helpful and kind. Thank you so much! 

We had met lovely exhibitors. Sadly I didn't take everyone's pictures, but here are some of my neighbours.

Arleen Wild is so kind and friendly. Everyone loved her. She makes her work from by acrylic painting and textile.  

Arleen Wild
Alan Emsden's works are sensitive and peaceful. His works were popular. His wife is so lovely and supportive. A very nice couple!  He told me that he could hear my 'people' humming together!  

Alan Emsden
Bridget Skanski-Such showed her Morris dance skill before the fair was open. Amazing! She also uses textile to make her beautiful work. She is from Lincolnshire. 

Bridget Skanski-Such
Diane Haddon-Moore uses strong colours. Her work looks dynamic. Her husband and I chatted about his experience in Japan.

Diane Haddon-Moore
Irina had manned, oil painter, Anna Ravliuc, her mother's stand. She has a business degree. What a nice combination! She is standing next to two paintings I loved. 

Anna Ravliuc's work with Irina
Dawn Reader, oil painter, paints cool landscapes. One of them was with penguins. Mike and I loved it. She went to see them!  I'm jealous. Her partner is Swedish Aikido-ka.

Dawn Reader

Orson Kartt, from Suffolk, is funky. His work is the mixture of humour and irony. Social political agenda like Zimbabwe's inflation is his theme.    

Orson Kartt

There are more people I made friends with although they were not close to my stand. Stephanie Wilkinson is a local artist, and she is also on twitter. Her work is beautiful.

Stephanie Wilkinson

Glass artist, Alma Caira lives in Whitstable, a sea side town near to Canterbury. I have seen her work before. Mike, especially, loves her chickens and fish, She also teaches glass art.

Alma Caira

So that was my adventure.