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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Landmark midsummer Art Fair 1

Landmark midsummer art fair at Teddington was fun. Fortunately, it went well for me even though it had been a bit quiet due to, most probably, the glorious weather we had had. We came home after 9pm exhausted last Sunday. Poor Mike couldn't take any time off this week. Even so, he surprised me by saying it was such fun that he would love to do it again. How wonderful! I have recovered from fatigue after having two good nights sleep.

It was built to be a cathedral, but remained unfinished for a long time. 

This is my stand, In hindsight, I have created way too many for the space. But I prefer being well-prepared.

During daytime
 As light changed, they showed different expression.

I am talking to visitors. 

All three days, the weather had been so good. I would have been to beach if I hadn't been there! 

High street

A pub

We walked to Teddington Lock after a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. I had Dorset crab. : ) It was the longest day.

Over the bridge, I heard typical parrot calls. There were three Indian ringneck parakeets flying over us. Amazing! Then I saw two town pigeons flew over us and landed on a metal structure on the bridge about 5 meter ahead. Mike told me to be careful, as they could soil clothes. I looked up. One lifted his tail, and his dropping came onto a young man's shoulder! Oh dear! As I witnessed, I said very loud 'Ah, the pigeon pooped on him!' His girlfriend looked at the mess laughing. She gave him a Kleenex. 

The bridge a pigeon pooped on a man's shoulder. 

Just in case you wonder how we loaded everything in our tiny Yaris. This way! It took us an hour or more to put everything in. Next time we will hire a van. :D


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