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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Rabbit, Minotaur and Storm.

The Easter holiday is over. I hope you had fun! Yesterday I had to spend most of the day in  bed again due to illness. The bad headache came back again. But I was able to manage to post a rabbit mask to a lovely friendly lady in Australia in the morning. I usually take Topaz, the loyal pooch, to the post office, but not yesterday, I quickly drove there and drove back. I am crossing all fingers for his safe journey!

Beautiful crackle glaze. 
He has one of the most beautiful crackle glazes I have used. But it is very difficult to show well in photos. So here is a close-up for you.

I use the Royal Mail tracking service for purchase over about £80. It is peace of mind for both customers and myself. A few months ago a lovely gentleman in US was on holiday, when the sculpture had arrived at NY airport. He told me he had been tracking it, and hoped that it would arrive by the time he got home. And it did! If there is a request, I will, of course, change ordinary airmail to airmail tracking service. Please let me know before your purchase!

Minotaur, the beautiful beast, crossed the ocean to live with his loving owner. 

I felt so unwell that I didn't open the kiln by myself yesterday. Mike did it for me in the evening. It was mostly successful, glad to say, but one piece definitely needs another firing. A few pieces are getting finished, which takes some pressure off me. The Landmark Art fair, which I am going to participate in is in June, 20-22. My self-imposed deadline is the end of May, but I am aware that so many things could go wrong, and I must make more than enough. I had two lucky so called sold-out shows (In fact, not every piece was sold but most were gone).  So I would like to prepare well in advance for this fair; visitors should not be disappointed.

She came out beautiful and mysterious. 

I am a workaholic, and like to get things done well in advance. Mike, in domestic occasions, is the opposite, he says there is still time until late and has to do things in hurry. (Note: he is truly professional, and just gets things done for his work, or, in fact, anything related with IT at home.)  I used to nag him, but I gave up. Each has his/her own pace. Having said that, I am the one who almost misses trains, planes, ferries and he arrives well in advance. But the point is that I seldom miss anything because I will run fast!

She came out so beautiful and strong. That's what I like. A strong, resilient and confident women. The strands of hair are still safely attached, too. What is great about sculpture is that it looks different from different angles. Also the light makes a big difference. I love the face changing expressions according to the light. If you have one of my sculptural pieces, please put it in a different place once a while. You would be surprised how different it looks.


  1. She is amazing Midori !
    Her eyes are also quite remarkable ,
    actually all of her features are remarkable.
    What a magnificent piece .

  2. Thank you, Willow. I am so glad that she has survived all! She is beautiful. I really couldn't tell until I picked her up from the kiln; well, this time until Mike brought her into the house. The joy and thrill of ceramics!