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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Midori Takaki - Fantasia, Kyobashi, Tokyo

Hello! We are in a bullet train on the way back to Tokyo from Kyoto. It has been very hot, 30C every day.

Since we left Canterbury on the 13th, it had been hectic until we arrived at Kyoto for a short break. We had to get up at 3:50, at Heathrow airport hotel. Our plane arrived just after 6 at Haneda airport, Tokyo, on the 15th. Then we did setting up for the exhibition on the 16th, and the opening day on the 17th. We wanted to travel and to stay in Kanazawa for two nights after that, but all hotels were booked in the city when we searched for any available rooms the night before; we didn't have time to do in advance. So we made three day trips instead; to Sendai, Kaazawa and Nagano. Tiring, but very enjoyable. Then we went back to the gallery on Saturday. I met old friends including primary and secondary school friendwho I have not met about 35 years.

There were so many visitors last Saturday. I am sorry if I was unable to say hello to you.

The exhibition started nicely. Several pieces have gone to loving homes. I had pleasure to see lovely Korean ceramic artist Kim who visited CAL last year, again.

Two Japanese art magazines featured my exhibition. That was nice.

I will be in the gallery on the 31st and 3rd.


  1. Thanks for the update. You are having quite a trip. It must be exciting and fun to see old friends. Toes crossed that you are taking lots of pictures which you will show us when you get home.
    Your gallery set up is elegant.

    1. Thank you. This time I'm taking Mike to lots places. Yes, we have taken some 100's pics. Once back home, I will share them until you beg me to stop! 😁

  2. Congratulations......your exhibition looks splendid!

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