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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Birds of summer

England is having a hot summer. We don't have it so often. Summer sometimes skips Britain; the land forgot by gods. That's how I often feel.

Swallow brooches
It has been hectic since I came back from Tokyo. But now all orders for summer deliveries have been posted, and I'm making for those for autumn deliveries. I can finally pace myself.

This summer I was able to make swallow brooches for the first time. I had been thinking to make one since last year.

They go very well with navy, which happen to be my favourite colour this summer. 

And here is my inspiration. A pair of nest-making house martins we saw in Kanagawa, Japan, in May. 

From my shop, other birds have flown away recently. 

Blackbirds. The right one has gone. The left one is in my shop

 Both Long tailed tits have gone to loving homes. Thank you so much.



  1. It is funny how warm it has ben in some parts of England, and on just a few days. We live high on a hill and here it has been cooler. I love your birds, especially the Swallows. They chat so sweetly to one another while flying and in their nests. x

    1. We are having a very dry and warm summer here in Canterbury. We tend to have different weather from the rest of England as we are at the edge of the island. Thank you. : )