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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Yuki-onna and Spring flowers

From late August, I completed one commission, made several masks,  and did one interview in the studio. Also I have been busy with sales. Thank you so much.

Yuki-onna - Sold

Yuki-onna, Snow Woman, is such a special mask. I am so glad that she went to a lovely lady.  A funny thing is that Japanese told me that she looks scary because of her long black hair. Well, we Japanese have mostly black hair, don't we?  British people told me that she is beautiful. Now she lives in a lovely hotel, in England. A happy ending.

Spring flowers -sold
Spring flowers has gone to a lovely lady, Japan. She has red camellia, blue hepatica, a pine tree and hazel catkins. All plants are in the garden, except for the pine, which used to be in the garden. She was one of several Spring flower themed masks. Now only one, Primula, is left.

Large works like these masks are available from my website, www.MidoriTakaki.co.uk You could also see most works I have made in 'Gallery' section. If you find the work you really like, but already sold, please drop me a line. I would be probably able to make a similar one for you.  

There are 20 animals who have found good homes from Etsy shop in the mean time. How lovely! I am adding more daily. Do check the shop once a while.

I am going to make another post, later, but I am going to do an Studio sale weekend on 30 September and 1 October, in Canterbury, Kent. Do pop in if you can. The details are here.


  1. Dear Midori, just to let you know that your Spring Flowers have safely arrived in Kyoto and are keeping me good company. As autumn gradually settles in, it's a delight indeed to have this joyful burst of spring colours by my side. And her amazing eyes! Thanks so much.
    With autumn comes, too, the matsutake season in Japan. I'll be looking forward to your mushroom creations. Have a happy and productive season! --Daniela

    1. How lovely to hear from you, Daniela. I am so glad to know that both you and she are safe in Kyoto now. Thank you so much!
      Mushrooms are completed. They look great and funny! I will share photos later. I miss Japanese mushrooms! : )