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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My new whippet!

Hello everyone. I spent the afternoon in the studio today. I have been busy with work lately, so today was the first time this week to go there. I completely forgot that I threw a cup on a potter's wheel last Saturday until about ten minutes before coming home. It was already a bit too dry, nonetheless I was going to turn the bottom. When I centered it, and started turning, the cup flew away. It hit the rim of the tray of the wheel. That's it. I was able to come home early! I can tell you that it was typical of my thin walled cup; potter's version of  'the fish was big!' ; )

I am going to share my recent works with you here. Today is a whippet. As you probably know, I have made a dozen of lying whippets, but this is my first one in a sitting position.

Whippet in sitting position

The glaze looks like white alabaster
The glaze resembles white alabaster stone. I like it. It was more difficult for me to make. But once it is fired, I like it so much. It was worth the effort.

Our dogs are sleeping now. Pearl is asleep for about 22 hours a day. If you want a real sleeping dog, I highly recommend a whippet or a greyhound.




  1. Have followed you back here. What wonderful work you do. I love the masks...am off to look at your Etsy shop now.

  2. I like all your whippets ~ and of course including Pearl and Topaz !

    1. They would be glad to hear that! Thank you! : )