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Friday, 6 September 2013

Private View evening - Big success!

Hello everyone. The private viewing was very successful. There was good buzz everywhere until closing. I have met fabulous people and enjoyed talking about my works. Lots of people asked me various questions. How nice to have opportunities to explain how I have created my sculptures. Mike and I went early so that we could take more photos. Ta-da! Today we took much better photos because lighting was on!

As midori means green in Japanese, I showed my true colour tonight. Green in Japanese is this dark colour, not any green. I am telling the story about Paper crown to the lady who purchased him.

One of my space

Taking photos before the opening. 

Most small masks in this space are gone today. Two sculptures are also sold.

The other space

I also like to introduce some of my wonderful friends and their works here. Other students turned up after opening, so I didn't have a chance to take them, but will show their works later.

Tony is a photographer. He also made this installation. He is a good friend of mine. He is very organised, and without his contribution, we could not have this great show. Thank you, Tony!
Harriet is making films, but she is also a painter. She is also my great friend. I love this painting. It has strong presence. She is very hard working. She also helped to make the show catalogue for finishing students. Look at her smile. She looked radiant!

Dani is a painter. She likes painting large canvas. She came with her daughter. This photograph doesn't do justice to her work. They look more gold yellow and sparkling. She teaches art.

Last, our tutor, Bob. He is a painter. He is humorous and definitely 'Vive la vie' type.  But today he looked serious. : )

Bob's speech


  1. Well done - it looks like a great success x Jane

  2. Congrats on a beautiful viewing Midori !
    Oh and by the way green if my fav color . :)

  3. Congratulations. It looks wonderful.

  4. How exciting! The gallery and all of the works look fabulous. I wish that I could have come to see and meet you. I love that your name means 'green', I think it is a very beautiful colour and suits you. Minerva x

    1. I wish you had been there!: )Thank you, Minerva. Midori means phonetically green in Japanese, but father chose characters, which mean beautiful homeland. So my name means double meanings. : )