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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Reduction firing and more masks

Hello everyone. Reduction firing went well. Mike dropped me in the studio at nine. The firing was over about five. Every 15 minutes, I record details of firing, and lots of fiddly thing to do. But Jane the superwoman has mainly done for me. So I was in safe hands!


Due to weather (very foggy) or something else, the flame kept stopping at about 176 C, but after that, it went very well. Thanks for that!

Nice pots!

Because we have been so busy, we haven't seen them closely yet, but most of them look very nice! I will take photos next week to share with you!

I have also done some finishing on my masks. 

The right was for a commission. 

The right chap has already found a home!

They went to a kiln last night. I can open it tomorrow morning, and do more touch-up and refire them. 

Today, I woke at 7:30, had a breakfast in bed, and went back to sleep soon after. Next time, I noticed it was already noon! I have finally caught up with lost sleep. I felt good! I spent time creating more masks in the afternoon.  They look a bit funny due to artificial light. I will take more photos tomorrow!

Looking for Father

He is a child in the war. I am thinking about children in Syria.

Because of the ears, Mike says he is rugby player! Not really!
Haven't found a name for him yet!

This is called Harriet's rabbit because she bought one of my rabbit masks after one of my presentations. It was an unusual rabbit, I am revisiting him.

Harriet's rabbit

That's it today. Tomorrow will be a busy day again. I am thinking to go to the studio before anybody! But not sure if I could wake up! : )


  1. Glad you got a bit of rest from your busy creativity schedule , breakfast in bed :)
    Wonderful to see so many masks .
    Very interesting illumination glow of the firing kiln !

    1. Thank you! But I couldn't fall into sleep at night! : O It often happens! Thrilling to see the flame! Preparing for another show opening next Friday. Working flat out!