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Monday, 16 September 2013

The story of Mochaccino, our miracle finch

Hello everyone. Mochaccino has recovered remarkably. Thank you so much for your thoughts on him. He became blind in his left eye. We think he either had a heart attack or another stroke when he went into a bath.

5th, May 2003 
Friday night, I couldn't sleep with worry. What else could I do but pray? When I finally fell into sleep it was after midnight. Then I woke up just before three. I felt slight thirst, then realised that it is not my thirst. It is his thirst. I went down to get a cotton bud, soaked it in water, and wet his beak. He licked it. I repeated three times. As I did, I was overwhelmed by emotion. First thing I gave him after he hatched about 10 years ago, was water soaked in a cotton bud. After I went back to bed, I wept, then sobbed and went downstairs. When Mike came down I cried out loud on his chest. I had cried one hour. I had lots of flash backs.

Hungry! 6th May 2003
It is unusual of me to get overwhelmed by such strong emotion. When his inexperienced parents abandoned the nest, there were three eggs. Only one was close to hatching. I put the tiny egg in an incubator designed for chicken eggs. Next day I cut egg shell with a knife, and helped him out of the egg. I think it was about 12 hours too early, but I thought then the chick would die otherwise.

His aunt on Mike's head
I fed him every 45 minutes through the nights. After several nights, I starting nodding off during day. Feeding finch chicks is the most difficult task I have ever done. They are too tiny to feed with anything else but a cocktail stick for a couple of days. This was 10 years ago.

30th May 2003, With his friend (left)
His family and friends passed away one by one. He was the youngest, but also has lived longest. The finch book I have said their life span is between 4 and 6 years. He is 10 years and 4 months old.

30th May 2003
When each animal family gets old, I make sure that they are comfortable till the end. I feel it is like a hospice. I want them to feel warm and comfortable until the end. I can't bear them to feel cold, wet, lonely and miserable. When Mochaccino finally chirped late Saturday afternoon, we felt a great relief. I chirp back at him. We call each other to know that we are not alone.

31st May 2003
Now he lives in a box. Mike got a propagator heat pad for him yesterday, so that he could sleep on it over night. The sound he makes when he moves in the box lightens our hearts. He is a miracle bird. He has survived twice, and has lived longest among all owl finches. We are really lucky to have been with him.

31st May 2003 on Mike's hand
11th June 2003. Learning to feed by himself
Family and friends

Take care of yourself and your animal family as it is suddenly getting colder. I hope everyone is warm and comfy.

This post is written with my warmest thoughts for my dear friend whom I have not met yet.



  1. That is such a heartwarming story, and such a lovely little bird.

    1. Thank you,Elizabeth. He is our little miracle. : )

  2. Than you for sharing this. It is a privilege isn't it.

    1. Yes, it is! We are awed by his strong will to survive.

  3. So beautiful to see his start . You have been a huge part of his life !
    Such gentle caring kindness is so beautiful, so very beautiful .

    1. We love him very much. He is a very special little bird. : ) Thank you.: )

  4. Your story is heart-warming and inspiring..what a remarkable little bird Mochaccino is! So glad to read that he pulled through in the end and is making a good recovery. :)

    1. Thank you, Mark. He really is. I am not religious, but the world 'the chosen one' came to my mind when he recovered from unconsciousness. I am listening to his pit pat behind me. It is the best sound I could hear in the world right now! : )