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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Show is over

Hello everyone. Prism, our MA show is over. Yesterday evening, Mike and I went to the gallery for take down. I have also volunteered to help wrapping my work for customers, as some of them are tricky to handle. When we were about to enter the building, Hanna the receptionist came out, and told me that three more works were sold that afternoon. How wonderful!

Antelope mask had disappeared from the wall. The customers took it with them late in the afternoon as the show was closing.

Leather like texture

Wasted talent was also sold. I love the combination of the brown crackle glaze and bronze oxide.
She found a new home

And everyone's favourite on Etsy, the big whippet went to a new home.

Large marble whippet
It took me about three hours to pack every purchased work in total. They are ready to be collected from Tuesday.

Once back home we were exhausted. We had cups of tea and tea biscuits, then took a shower and slept. In the middle of night we woke up with thirst. This time it was our thirst. We found that it wasn't a good idea to have too many tea biscuits before sleep!

This week will be a busy once again. Tomorrow early morning before work, we will go to the gallery to collect some belongings. Tuesday I will do reduction firing, which means for about 9 hours I will kiln sit; taking a record of the firing every 15 minutes. On Wednesday, I will return to the gallery to touch up the paint. Thursday, I will unload the kiln. Also we want to do a firing at home. More glazing to be done!  I am not sure how we fit everything in! Another week of 7/7, I guess!


  1. Sounds like a busy week ahead Midori , don't forget to stick your nose in a flower for a moment and eat some of that fruit Mike stocks up on for energy ;)))

    1. I wasn't fully awake when we went to the gallery to brings large sculptures back. I cradled one large chicken on my lap in the car in a dreamy state! : D She is back safely now. Yes, I will, Willow. : D