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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Ice Age art: arrival of the modern mind at the British Museum

Hello everyone.We finally made it! We saw Ice Age art: arrival of the modern mind at the British Museum. Today we arrived there 5 minutes before opening to buy tickets to avoid the repetition of the disappointment we had last week. It is so popular, and there are only 100 walk-in tickets every day.

The first known art homo sapiens made some ten thousand years ago still echoes to modern art due to the same process of thinking (they had a same type of brain as we do). It is truly amazing. My main focus and interest has been primeval energy and thoughts. This exhibition is, therefore, so relevant to my own work. I have taken lots of notes and bought a book about it. I am considering writing a essay on this, too.
Entrance to the exhibition
Taking photos was not allowed in the exhibition, but I share an image from the book with you.

From Ice Age art exhibition book

Our slot was 10:40, and we spent 1 hour and 40 minutes to see all. So when we finished, it was already
lunch time. We went to Court restaurant. It is only a proper restaurant in the British Museum. I ordered.... 
The glass roof is reflecting. 

Yes, steak. But this chunky heavy knife could be used as a real weapon, I thought.

Cranberry juice.
Those who know me would be surprised that I didn't order a glass of red wine. In fact, I was a bit feverish; so I had to restrain myself. Shame!

Marinaded steak.
 It was lovely, and quinoa salad was unexpectedly good. Desert was pannacotta.

Pannacotta with espresso
 Mike had pasta with chicken with rocket and courgette in a creamy basil sauce.
He said the sauce was really good.
 Then his true nature surfaced.  He had chocolate fudge cake and espresso. He loved it (he is chocoholic).
Chocolate fudge cake. very rich and really good, he said.

 After relaxing, and resting our tired feet, we went to see other parts of the museum. I will report you it another day.


  1. Glad you finally got to see Ice Age Art ! Yummy food photos ...hmm hungry I am ~off to the fridge I go now . Hope your having a splendid weekend.

    1. Hello Willow. Yes, we finally made it! I was feverish (and therefore exhausted), and felt I would not be able to reach the museum in time for its opening. So I asked Mike to walk ahead and buy tickets for us. He was still in the queue when I finally got there! We enjoyed lunch. : )

  2. oh those dessert photos, now I must look in the fridge for some ice cream, not half as good. amazing the museum is so busy but good to know, I am always truly amazed at the art work of primitive peoples and liken it to how even young children are driven to create even at very young ages, a sign of intelligence, even a bird makes a beautiful looking nest for it's young.

    I drink pure unsweetened cranberry juice mixed with water each day, but the lime I must try it like that.

    1. Hello Linda. Another lady went to the fridge! : )

      What was amazing was apparently their thinking process worked in the same way as ours. They were as intelligent as modern humans. They just didn't have collective historical knowledge that we have. Without tools except for flint stones, it is incredible that they made art works which could be in galleries in our time.