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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Studio should be sacred place

Studio should be sacred place.
But not our one.
It is polluted and degraded. 
The spirit doesn't descend into it any longer. 
I can't hear the voice of clay there.
Artists have to communicate with what they make. 
Garrulous woman taints the place.

Hello everyone. I have spent five hours in the studio alone today. I made so much progress! I have finely tuned the expression of the mask. I have also made his left ear similar to the right one. Well, ear model is Mike, and his right and left ears are quite different. Left one looks squashed (he said he sleeps on the left side!). 

This is him.

In progress

Yes, it's him! When I decided to sell my original mask, 'Answer was in the box', I decided that I will make a larger one. The original one went to a very good home of a fantastic lady in U.S.. So I am very happy. But he had a part of me, my soul. I had to make him again. Incidentally the piece was the tutor's favourite, and he suggested that I should make a real face mask. Instead I made a mask for a giant!

He has had several pair of eyes and different noses, but I am happy with him now. Tomorrow I will coat him with white slip. 
Original 'Answer was in the box'


  1. I like the left ear the best Ha. as I am looking from my point of view., either ear is good though.

    1. Hi Linda, before making heads, I hadn't paid attention to other people's ears. But now I know all ears are really different. Even one person has totally different ears, like Mike!

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Charlene. Thank you. Without the ears, he looks blank. : )

  3. I like the true character of non perfect ears :) Love them just as they are.

    1. I did, too, but these ones looked so different, so I tweaked them. Ears are so visible, but I had never paid much attention to them, especially other people's, until I started making heads. : )