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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dawn and Dusk - Clouds part 2

Hello everyone. I had a lovely afternoon today. I visited a lady who lives nearby. She lives in such a beautiful house that I was inspired. Clutter free and a full of art she and her husband have collected. She is an artist, too. How wonderful! Her garden also looked very nice in December! Now I have got a bit of time, I should make more effort for our house. I can't keep blaming the dogs and parrots for everything!

Today I am going to share the last of my new work in the Clouds exhibition part 2. This is Dawn. She carries padlocks


This is Dusk. I gave her a pair of cat ears. I left naturally formed cracks on her body and filled with gold enamel. I love the effect. She carries gold keys.


They are separate pieces, but I displayed them together on a plinth. On the night as I set up the previous exhibition, I had a vision of two cats on the chimney breast of the room my exhibition is in. They were cats with girls' faces, not heads like mine. The image kept coming back to my mind, so I made them. I struggled with naming them. First I wanted to call Dawn Riddle, but couldn't find the name for Dusk - Puzzle didn't sound right! After consulting Mike, he came up with Dawn and Dusk.    

Back side

Dawn looks mysterious and Dusk looks a bit happier. I did enjoy making them. I might make more feline girls in future.


  1. Wonderful, love the two, their names of Dawn and Dusk really do suit them

    1. Thank you, Linda. Names usually come to me, but not these one. I didn't allow Mike to sleep until he would come up with the name on that night. :D I am glad to hear that you think the names suit to them. : )

  2. Brilliant Midoro ~ Dawn and Dusk are very alluring and mysterious characters !