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Monday, 30 December 2013

Forest girl and Water girl

Hello everyone. Yesterday we had a long lunch with two neighbours. We had a relaxing time with them. How nice! Pearl was getting lots of attention; she was stroked and hugged. You might wonder what happened to Topaz. She was locked in her crate in my office upstairs. Otherwise she would bark nonstop at our guests. So this is good her and for us.

I have made a couple of masks. The three masks I made for the last exhibition gave me a new idea so I am exploring it. Most will go to my Etsy shop. So they are smaller than those in exhibitions.

Forest girl and birds
 I hope I would be able to bisque-fire them next week.

Water girl

Have you seen the new sweet rabbits in my shop? The left one, which is a bit goofy, is much larger than my previous ones. I have three more, so I will list them one by one.  

White rabbits.


  1. Good luck for bisque-firing next week... next year :)
    Little rabbits are so nice. Love love love them !

    Wish you Happy New Year, to you and your loved ones :)

    1. Thank you, Ilona. I am looking forward to your photos in your hometown. A very happy New year to you! : )