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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Royal parade - new masks

I have spent about two and a half days packing my work. It is almost done. There are about 60 pieces.  The problem is that each has a different shape and size. It takes time to find suitable boxes for them. Luckily majority went into the boxes that Mike found from work. But several tall ones have caused me a big headache.

There is still the last assembling to do, and the last firing was just done. There was an accident during packing. One of porcelain wings of an angel snapped. :*(   He had to go to firing to remove the epoxy attaching the wings.

It is difficult to pack and transport them safely, especially because our car is a Toyota Yaris, a tax-efficient little car! I am an accidental artist. When we bought the car, we didn't know that we would use it to transport my art work. I persuaded Mike to buy a little car due to less tax to pay! I even tried to get an Aygo, a tiny one. But he said he wouldn't fancy driving Aygo on motorway. I am now glad he said that!

Here are lots of masks for Landmark Midsummer Art Fair this weekend.

Princess of Baklava

Young Empress

Duchess of Macaron
Princess of Noisette

Forest child



  1. Amazing work. You are going to have a splendid exhibition - congratulations! (Wish I could sail some of my boxes over to you.... :) )

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jacqueline. We are almost ready! : )

  2. Beautiful! Have a great show x

    1. Thank you, so much. We will enjoy it. : ) X