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Monday, 30 June 2014

Matisse, rain, tube closure and gourmet therapy

Hello. I hope you had a good weekend. As I mentioned in a previous post, Mike and I visited Matisse the cut-outs exhibition at Tate on Saturday. It was raining again! So far anytime we visited the Tate, it has rained. Fate or bad luck?

The Thames  in rain

There were lots of works from private collections. I have seen quite few Matisse in my life, but there were huge works I have never seen. Marvelous! When I saw his Dance, I wanted to dance in front of them. But I thought other visitors wouldn't enjoy my impromptu performance, so I stayed still. His large works embraced me, and suddenly I didn't see any other visitors. What an experience! Matisse always lifts my spirit and all happiness comes out from inside. Nothing else in art does this to me.

After the exhibition, I wanted to buy some of my favourite works on cards. Alas, they looked so different from original. After a bit of thought, I decided to buy Tate original coloured cards for cut outs, apparently intended for children! I will make my own ones.

When the sun appeared between rains, St Pauls looked lovely!
St Pauls
After that, we went to Cecilia Coleman Gallery at St John's Wood to drop off a couple of my works. Unfortunately we were unaware of the closure of Jubilee line. We ended up changing tube and bus in rain. It took us 1 hour instead of 20 minutes. When we got there, we had to go to Richourx, a lovely Italian restaurant, for some cakes to recover from all the hassle!

This time I only took a few works, but soon they will have more my works including popular Angels and a mask. I will also start making some rabbits for them, too. Watch the space.

Available from Cecilia Colman Gallery

Available from Cecilia Colman Gallery
On the way back was the same problem. There was no tube. We walked to a station for over ground train. On the way there, Mike spotted something moving. 'There is a dog!' I looked where he was looking. Before I said anything, he said ' It's a goat!' Would you believe it, there was a goat in the middle of London! I looked around the building. It appeared to be a school. I imagined that this goat happily munching grass over the weekend.  

A goat in the middle of London! 
 Because of the problem with the tube, we couldn't go to the Foundling Museum to see Greyson Perry's work, as it was close to closing time. Instead we went to the British library to look around, and went to St Pancras early for shopping. You already guessed that we had organic almond croissants from Le Pain Quotidient on the way, and, of course, we bought more for Sunday breakfast. But this time we went on further. We got Fortnum and Masons's Alcoholic jam, Kir Royale, and 50% off Turkish delight, Peyton and Byrne's fig rolls and Godiva's alcoholic truffles: whisky, cognac, champagne and rum and more!  A bit of gourmet therapy for us, after the stress from tube closure. Godiva is our current most favourite chocolatier.

Lovely Turkish delight. I have to ask Mike to bake scones to try the jam. : ) 

 Mike and I will be easily caught by a witch in the woods with her chocolate house!