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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My work is featured in Art Is A Way

We had a sunny day! How lovely! Bright sunshine makes me happy and more cheerful than usual. I did laundry of summer clothes. That's it. We are already under a winter duvet and I need a cotton blanket on top. It's autumn.

A week ago, I noticed that there were lots of visits coming to both my Etsy shop and website from somewhere. I tracked it down and found this wonderful art blog by Elsa Mora. Her paper sculptures are amazing. There are so much detail. Each piece is a story by itself. How haven't I noticed her work before in this social network age, I don't know.

She has touching 'About me' page. I love it. All site is oozing with talent.

Here is the entry where my work was featured: http://www.artisaway.com/art/ceramic/midori-takakis-ceramics/


Her website: http://www.artisaway.com/

Art is a Way
Elsa Mora Copyright


  1. Isn't it wonderful that is is sunny but a bit cooler.
    I do love the slightly less overpowering heat.
    Glad you are feeling better.
    It's wonderful that you are sharing Midori as I am now going to take a peek.

    1. There is no such thing as overpowering heat here in Canterbury :D In Japan, there in. The heat continues until late September there! I bet you enjoyed Elsa's work. : )

  2. I finally have my laptop back and can comment! I have been out in the woods---literally---camping. I am not very connected to social media ( I am practically a recluse) so it is good to read your post and find another wonderful website to visit. Thank you for sharing oh and the Empress is impressive :)

    1. Camping in the woods sounds an adventure to me! : ) Elsa's work is amazing! I found social network a lovely place to be connected with people in comfortable distance! :D