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Monday, 4 August 2014

A little chicken is hiding under an anteater!

Today, I did the second glaze-firing in four days. The bisque firing went well, thankfully. I then spent the next 4 days glazing. The first glaze-firing was all white rabbits. They are relatively straight forward. But it took me 4 hours to do one shelf!

Two rabbits from left are spoken for. Others will hit midoritakaki on Etsy soon! 

They will go to the Cecilia Colman Gallery, London
In today's firing, there are two shelves.  Mysteriously the black things are bronze-gold whippets. This glaze is made of lots of metal oxides. Hence they carry a higher price tag than those with other glazes. Application is also very messy. I need to place them very carefully in the kiln so that any dust doesn't fly onto other works.

On the upper shelf, there are several refirings.

Have you noticed the anteater and chickens? The little chicken is squatting under the anteater's long mouth! :D  The kiln will be opened tomorrow morning, I hope they will come out nice! : )

Anteater, monkeys and chickens! 


  1. Hello Midori :)
    Sorry I haven't been by, I am now back tracking to see all the posts and creations.
    What fun to see the menagerie of animals you have been creating !
    Wonderful , I enjoy seeing each one ~ the ant eater is a treat !
    Thank you so much for your kinds words and thoughts for baby Jackson,
    despite a few complications , he is indeed doing much better and has come home !

    1. Hello Willow. Don't worry, just spend time with your new family member. I am so glad that the little one came home. It must have been tough for all. Thank you. I have been busy, as usual. Take care! : )X