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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Did you know Angels chat inside the kiln?

Hello everyone! I have just loaded the kiln. Phew!

Mike helped me to carry the shelf to the kiln room, the garage, this evening. 
I have been slowly working to prepare for the firing over the last three days. I am eager and relatively quick to make, but after that I suddenly become hesitant. I usually paint porcelain slip and underglaze before bisque-firing. I tend to undo and try another things/colours. Suddenly productivity and efficiency go low and I get frustrated.

For the last three days, the kiln shelf had remained 75% empty. Anytime I saw it I felt a bit of pressure.

The shelf had remained same for last 3 days!

So, I am feeling a relief now. Inside the kiln, Angels seem to be having a chat. These shots remind me of commuter trains in Tokyo! :D

I have heard that we are going to be fired! Really?

Will it be hot?  I guess so! 

I have made a pair of hands for a commissioned work and they are also in the kiln now.

I need to get a few admin job done as I haven't done much last few days. So that's tomorrow's job! 


In the meantime, our dogs, Topaz and Pearl are completely crazy about squirrels stealing our hazel nuts from the garden. Topaz, especially, seems to be possessed by the squirrels! She watches the garden without eating her food. This morning, I gave her a halo, sellotape one! 

Topaz with a halo

   Pumpkin lost her last tail feather. She became a quail!

Quail style Pumpkin


  1. Hello Topaz and Pumpkin ~ so good to see you !
    Pumpkin shapeshifting into quails and Topaz wearing halos and watching the "tree rats"
    as our friend Miss Molly calls squirrels.
    Hello too Midori,Mr. Mike and the angels :)))
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ,

    1. Tree rats are busy running on our fences with nuts on the mouths all day. Topaz and Pearl are like hell hounds when they spot them! :D Thank you, Willow. Have great rest of the weekend to you!

  2. There's something about a squirrel (and in Winter's case, deer) that seems to stop all action in the doggy mind and heart. Topaz looks like she is waiting patiently to pounce given half a chance! Here it's acorns and hickory nuts. Will Pumpkin's rail feathers grow back?
    I have often thought that my critters talk to each other in the kiln.
    Toes crossed for a great firing!

    1. Yes, they turn to zombie! :D Topaz would wait for hours on the spot, completely obsessed! Yes, Pumpkin is moulting now, so her tail would regrow and she will turn to a beautiful chicken again!
      Yours certainly do talk in the kiln in private! Thank you. It's nearly 600C now. : )

  3. I'm sure your folks always talk to each other.....
    Dogs are usually activated by the sight of a squirrel - but not eating....that's something else!


    1. : ) I guess the bushy tails are too inviting! : D