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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Origami, glazing and walk in the woods.

How was your weekend? I had a good one! Yesterday morning, my friend, Sandra, came over to learn how to make origami cranes for her art project. I haven't made cranes for a long time, but I soon remembered how to do. We had good laugh, too. I probably distracted her from origami by my perpetual chatting! Poor Sandra! She needed six cranes, but we made eight together. It was fun!


After that I worked hard. Since Thursday I had been preparing for glaze-firing.What exactly do I do, you might wonder. I paint underglaze, oxides and glazes on my sculptures. Then I wipe some of them and wax them to make resist, and repeat all painting again until I feel there would be enough depth in colours. It requires concentration and attention to details. Delicate parts are likely to be damaged during this process. I can't remember how many times I have almost cried! I held my breath and concentrated on dropping glaze with a cocktail stick on 2mm gap between hair part and face part. I was exhausted by six' o'clock, and slept before ten!

These three are going to be glaze-fired tomorrow.

Angel - on commission. The clients like the hair to be strawberry blonde.

The first boy to be glaze fired

Hair is very difficult to do a neat job! 

Today I finished preparing most of sculptures before lunchtime and loaded the kiln! How nice! Then I had my first half day off of the month! We went to the Blean woods for walk.

Blean woods

I like walking on unofficial footpaths at random, avoiding people. Then I can feel the woods!


 There are lots of various mushrooms, green chestnuts and some scabiosa.

 The most beautiful things was the the green light coming through leaves.

Beautiful green light
There are decayed trees. They go back to the soil.  

Really big decayed tree
We had walked about an hour. The woods has a steep slope, and when we climbed to go back to parking, we were tired. But you don't need to pity on us. The apple tart Mike baked from windfall apples was waiting for us! Yummy! I was so happy to have married Mike! :D Happy autumn, everyone!

Mike's apple tart


'They went alone! Pearl and I were left behind! I wanted to chase squirrels! I'm sulking....'

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