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Saturday, 29 November 2014

New works in Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury and Bluemoon Gallery, Tunbridge Wells

Hello! My last deliveries to galleries were done this week. On Wednesday I took two Angels to Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury.

They greet you at the reception hall, at Sidney Cooper Gallery, 22-23 St Peter's St, Canterbury. Left one is a bit shy. He looks after animals and children. The right one with wings is still boyish. Sometimes he is bit naughty.  

Angels - Sidney Cooper

As some of you knew, I am not good at driving and/or navigating, Mike drove me to Tunbridge Wells last Thursday. The Bluemoon Gallery is at 18 Camden Road, opposite to the Royal Victoria Place shopping centre.

Bluemoon Gallery
It is a lovely gallery in the middle of Tunbridge Wells. 

The owner, Dominic with my works

The Angel is quiet, confident and big brother of all Angels.
Angel - Bluemoon Gallery

I made Crying Owl earlier this year, But I hadn't shown it until recently. It has strong presence and didn't look quite right next to my Angels and human figures in shows. It is about my friend, who was passing through a difficult time. The owl is the friend as well as myself.  The owl's tears are blood.

Crying Owl - Bluemoon Gallery

Princess of Baklava's great-great-grandfather was a brother of one of the last Sultans of the Ottoman empire.  He used to throw a party to all important people in the palace. His cook made the most delicious Baklava in the world. They had rose scent because he made a syrup from most beautifully scented yellow rose petals. They were harvested first in the morning before they unfurled, so that all scent remained inside.  His guest enjoyed the treats so much. The reputation was wide spread in the Empire. Princess of Baklava's cook still makes baklava with rose syrup made from yellow rose petals.
Princess of Baklava - Bluemoon Gallery
Sidney Cooper Gallery

Bluemoon Gallery


  1. Hello Midori. I have missed being here and catching up, seeing your beautiful creations ~ I don't make the rounds as much as I use too perhaps Winter will sit me back down again . Such beautiful creations .
    The crying owl calls to me ~
    was your "friend" a beautiful soulful ,lovely owl finch ,
    such a connection you shared.

    1. Hi Willow. How lovely to hear from you! Thank you! I haven't visited blogs for some time as I have been hectic. But like you, I hope I could have relaxing time next few weeks to catch up with.
      The friend is a human. : ) But I made owl finch owl in the memory of Mochaccino, the owl finch. You can see him here. : ) http://dogoo-midori.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/oracle-has-spoken.html

  2. I am so happy for you! I remember not that long ago when you were starting out and have loved following your adventures and beginnings. Your work is so unique and beautiful, it is wonderful to see it featured in these galleries. x

  3. Thank you! It has been a great journey. All supports I have had here are amazing! I hope I would be able to go further next year! : )