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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Little ones are great joy

It was another busy week for me. The bell in my shop has kept ringing. I have gone to Post Office every day. It has been too cold to walk, as max. temperature has been 3- 5C, so I have driven. One day a tyre punctured in front of Post office! The air came out with shhhhhhh sound and It became as flat as a pancake! Oh no! When I gathered myself and walked in Post office, their system had just gone down! It came back after about 30 minutes. I was able to post all my works. I left the car there, walked back and contacted Mike at office. He had to walk down to 'do something; about it. He did. :D

Yesterday I had to go to the Embassy in London. I didn't feel very well, and it was so cold. I didn't want to go. But once the business was done there, I decided to go to see Egon Schiele exhibition at Courtauld gallery and to do some Christmas shopping. It was a good day after all. I will tell you about the visit later.

So it was an eventful week, but I have managed to make good progress on my little ones. Here is Mademoiselle Wren. I was going to make a simple mask, but she had a different idea.

Mademoiselle Wren
 Wednesday, I started bisque-firing. Some of them are Christmas orders and others are for the Easter!

Lower shelf

Top shelf. 
Next day, they came out safely from the kiln! This time, there are tapir, piglets, lemur, polar bear as well as the usual suspects!

I made good progress on them today. I will continue tomorrow. Ironically I tweeted a week ago that I would not work on weekends any longer this year. How little I knew! What is a weekend?

 But, I hope you have a good weekend! : )


  1. All your little guys look like they are waiting eagerly to go out in the big world!

  2. you have been very productive, what a nuisance to have a flat tyre and hurrah for husbands who are handy :)

    1. The deadline is looming! : ) Yes, I was so happy he was able to sort it out. I'm clueless! :D