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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New pieces in the gallery

Last Sunday, we went to Sunbury Embroidery gallery to replace Freedom and Hope, which were sold to an lovely lady in the US, with new works. We also took another Answer was in the box with us, as there werer two people who wanted the one in the gallery. Whilst we were there, a third person who wanted it appeared. There are never enough!

Answer was in the box

The new pieces in the gallery are Faun and another Freedom.



 It was a cold day, but early cherry had flowers in the walled garden.
The walled garden
 For lunch, we went to Hampton court. We wanted to have a supper on PV night, but we didn't have time then. So we were delighted that we were finally there. There are lots of eateries there.

We went to a family run Italian restaurant. I entertained waiters with my Italian with a Japanese accent. On the same road, there is The Fountain Gallery, run by artists. My friends, Stephanie Wilkinson and Tessa Pearson show their works regularly.

Oppsite to it, there was a pub with Victroian building nicely refurbished. 

We came back home about 4, and took dogs for a walk, then I napped. Within 16 hours, I had slept 13 hours! 

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