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Monday, 30 March 2015

The shop must go on!

I hope you had a good weekend. Mike and I went to the Sunbury gallery to take down the exhibition yesterday. We saw Alan, Barbara and Robert. It was a bit sad that we had to say goodbye to them, as we have worked together for a while. I also met 2 year-old boy who chose one of my little rabbits. How lovely to meet him! It has been great four weeks.

When we got home about eight, we were exhausted. We adjsuted ourselves to summer time quickly and I went to bed about 10:30 (Mike 9:30). This morning, my neck was not doing well. The whiplash didn't like the drive. So I have taken a day off from studio work to rest.

Even though I have been busy with the exhibition and preparation for the Cetramic Art London, the shop must go on! It has been very busy! Thank you so much!

Here are photos of those who went to loving homes this month!

A special black cat for a special lady!

Mia -front

Mia - side
 Piglet and Lamb went to a lovely lady in the US.

A pair of whippet joined a loving whippet home in the US.

A little Polar bear went to a lovely lady.

They went to Sigapore and the US. 

Goat, Carrot and Lamb
Monkey went to a  lovely lady in the US.

Both Carrot were snapped up.

Lyra, Polar bear spirit went to a wonderful lady in the US.

Alice joined Lyra.

Commissioned whippets by a specal lady with a special whippet. 

These are the largest ones from the last firing. They went to a wonderful lady.  

A line up rabbits from the last firing. All have hopped away to all over the world; Sigapore, US and UK! Thank you so much!

So did this one. A talented painter got her for her friends.

The middle wren went to a bird lover in Scotland! 

Whippets are very popular among sighthound lovers as well as gifts.

And this rabbit went to a lovely rabbit lady's home today!

 Are you interested? I still have two rabbits in red dresses in my shop! : ) Come along!

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