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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Durham, the medieval city

Mike and I visited Durham in late August. We went on a business trip, but decided to do some sightseeing on the way back. We had limited knowledge about the city. Mike told me it has a cathedral and an old university. Did I like it? I fell in love with it! 

It is a medieval city, full of gargoyles. I love them! I have even travelled to Northern France to see them on their churches and cathedrals. They take me to an another world. 

After seeing the city centre, we went to see the cathedral. We come from Canterbury famous for the cathedral. Did we get disappointed? No! On the contrary. I was blown away!

We have climbed the tallest tower. The staircase is old narrow stone spiral staircase. It has 325 steps. But what a view! 

I am not scared of height, yet I felt queasy when I looked down. 

Death seemed so close when I looked down from the top of the tower. 

Inside the cathedral, the priest talked to me. He was telling us about the earlier extension, but that didn't happen. He said 'It was subsudence.' I said ' It was the god's will'. He said 'Excuse me?' So I repeated 'It was the god's will. I have just read it in the extended part of the cathedral.' Then he told us about the miracles happening in the chapel. Off we went to see it. It is the chapel for St Cuthbert. The first thing I saw in it was a little rabbit carved on arm rest on a old oak bench. I sat there and held on it. It was the god's will. 

The door knocker  - Durham cathedral 

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