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Thursday, 15 October 2015

They have gone to loving homes!

Hello! Here are those found loving homes recently! .

The last three clear glaze whippets have gone to super homes. 

All kittens have also gone to lovely ladies here and also in the US.

Continuing cat theme,  Alice with Cheshire cat have gone to a lovely home in the US. I might make a Cheshire cat or two, as he was such a character!

 Also the large crow has gone. 

Frida the monkey on the left went to a lovely lady, who lives with several bunnies I made. The one on the right will be in my shop soon! 

And this lucky blackbird has landed at a loving home in the North.  I have two more blackbirds in my shop, if you are interested. 

I have listed some new greeting cards. Most of them are new designs. Several have already gone. Do have a look. Cherubs and Angels are great for Christmas cards. If you would like to have more than 2, please let me know before your purchase. I will give you a quote for shipping.

It has been grey here in Canterbury this week. I hope you are having brighter days there! : ) 



  1. These are all so wonderful! My nickname when young was Cheshire and I especially love him and Alice. It is grey here also, stay warm . x

    1. I am fond of the cat. I might make cats alone! Cheshire? From the cat? Thank you. You, too, LeeAnn. X