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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

From disaster to catastrophe, Mike observed

It has been a busy month so far, and no sign of slowing down yet. Bisque firing went well.

Bisque-firing top shelf

Bisque firing lower shelf
The glaze firing had mixed results. The clear glaze didn't flux, again. As a test, I dipped one spoon in a different clear glaze, which did well. So I am going to use the other clear glaze. It is frustrating when glazes don't do well in firings. I used to have fits when I used to make pots with glazes on!

Glaze-firing lower shelf

Tableware and all spoons didn't go well. Good news was that all animals were successful.  

Glaze-firing, top shelf

So that was Sunday lunch time. I also found Ice Baby, which should have been completed, didn't go well and has to be re-fired. So disappointing. Then I pulled myself together, and I started sanding the masks. Pieces of hair fell away as I touched them by mistake whilst sanding. Anytime that happened, I let a little shriek out. Mike in a next room, observed 'From disaster to catastrophe.' In the end, it took me a full two hours to repair the fallen bits. As I needed to fill the kiln, I made new spoons, too. This time, I painted black cats on them. That made me a bit cheerful! And all were re-bisque fired yesterday.

These hair is tricky! They tend to fall away with the slightest shock! 

The bisque firing went well, thankfully despite the cold weather. Now I am preparing for glaze-firing. Ceramics is such that it doesn't necessarily go as I planned. It makes me a very patient person.

Find Tapir! 


  1. Seeing your pieces, noticing the incredibly detailed hair, really does speak of patience. Your work is beautiful or beautifully cheerful, as with the cat spoons. If this were something easy, everyone would be doing it or trying to. My mother worked with clay for many years. I remember well the alarm of something blowing up in the kiln, pieces of it sticking to other objects. I don't know if there are any guarantees in art. xo

  2. You are right, of course, Marylinn. : ) How nice to know that your mother had worked with clay! I occasionally wish I had some talent on paper based art. No firing required, cheaper to ship, and less damage. Then I rethink that this is my vocation. I must carry on. : )