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Monday, 4 January 2016

Very happy 2016 to you!

I hope you had good holidays. Mike had 11 days leave and returned to work today. As for myself, there is no such things as leave or holidays. Even so, I took a few days off at Christmas (cooking and eating, and then recovering from the feast), and again about New Year Day (big cleaning and celebrating). I have also spent several days preparing for the Tax Return. I have been at PC for 7 hrs to reclassify expense entries. It was too long. I hurt my neck (dizzy) and broke the mouse (not clicking). Tax return is evil.

The bisque firing, which was the first firing after changing kiln elements, went beautifully on the 29th. Mike does always a good job. I am so glad to have married him! :D 

Kiln shelfies!

Left is lower shelf and right is top shelf.

Close-up on lower shelf

 Mike changed the elements. 

All came out beautifully!

Most of them are for commissions. 

They all await on the shelves to be glazed. (I'm working on them!) I am excited with the tapir tableware items. They are my first samples. 


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