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Friday, 11 March 2016

Who loves cats?

The first week with the builders. So far so good. We were lucky to have well experienced quiet builders. They are building my studio as an extension. It would take eight weeks, so seven more weeks to go.

Before they came in, I wanted to do three firings; the kiln would need to be brought inside the house after the construction started. But they had delay in their previous project, so I have squeezed in five firings. I hoped they would not delay any longer, as I didn't have any more to fire. Then they came.

I was so happy that the cat porcelain spoons fired well this time. They were sold out.

I have also made two cat porcelain cups. They were going to be Face cups, but as I was unable to fill the kiln, I suddenly made them into Cat cups. Both have found loving homes.

Thank you so much! I hope more cat cups will be available in the autumn, and cat spoons in the summer. Watch this space.    


  1. All are lovely! I think it's great you're making cups too:) They're very cute and very clever!

  2. Thank you, Laura. I made the first cat spoon at a spur of the moment. Same for cat cups when I was unable to find more bisque to fill the kiln. 😄 They became a hit! Being spontaneous is good.

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  4. Your work is so lovely! Please do let me know when you have more of these. 8-)

    1. Thank you, Angelique. Yes, I will. How would you like me to contact you? : )