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Sunday, 21 February 2016

One problem after another.

Another full working weekend. We are going to get my studio extension built.  Construction will start at the end of the month. My current studio will disintegrate on the 28th, and I will need to make and underglaze in my office after that. Glazing will be in the place where the studio has been. The kiln is also moving in, next to the kitchen. Mike is busy emptying the garage ready for construction; the back wall will be soon gone. Our house looks rather like storage rooms right now.

Empress, Mirror mirror and Red riding hood

So I'm working like crazy. From morning to night. All days of a week since the 4th January! I was trying to do three firing before the kiln moves in. but on the 17th, when I was going to start a bisque firing, Mike found the controller was not working. We have just changed elements over Christmas. It was posted to the manufacturer for repair next day, and it will be back on Tuesday. I might still just make three firings.

I check each iris with a torch if inside is fully covered. It is easily missed, 

Since then, I'm glazing 10 masks. Seven are done so far. Glazing masks is painfully slow process. There are so many details. More busy days ahead!

Some of smaller masks to be glazed. 



  1. Oh Midori..How exciting to be creating a new studio/work space and I can imagine at this point every part of your home is topsy turvy!! Just look forward to what an important space that you and Mike are going to have. All the Masks are lovely from the largest to the smallest.I do not know if they are all intended for CAL or galleries around the world. Sit back, take a breath and look at the beauty of your sculptures...

    1. Yes, Kathleen. It would be great once it has been built. But I am trying to be ready for disturbance and interruptions. We have planned new studio a year ago. It has taken so long to get here. Thank you. When it is like this, it's so important to focus on positive future not on the mess!:D