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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The year of masks, well mainly! - CAL

Here are the photos of large pieces sold at CAL.

Blossom in the wind now lives in Belgium with a nice lady.
Blossom in the wind

Night in the woods went to a nice gallerist.

Night in the Woods
A lovely lady changed her mind at the last minute and took Ancient Woods to her home.

Ancient woods

 Lovely couple returned to CAL and took Grand Priestess and a bear with them.

Grand Priestess

Grand priestess -  backside

Answer was in the box flew to Germany with lovely ladies. 

Answer was in the box 
Mirror mirror now lives with a lovely lady in London.

Mirror mirror
Himiko, the first monarch in Japan documented in Chinese official history, has gone to a lovely talented ceramic artist as her own birthday present.


 The girl with red shoes, my recurring theme, has gone to a lovely lady.

The girl with red shoes
 The bear with a shoot has gone to a lovely polar bear loving lady. Now he has a woolly cap.

Polar bear with a shoot

The bear, who was supposed to be a maquette but decided to live his own big life, went to the lovely couple.  

Polar bear
The rabbit mask has gone to a lovely lady.

Three angels have gone to new homes, but the third one didn't have a chance for photos. I can assure you all went to loving homes, as angels do.  

Three angels (one invisible)
 Red riding hood has now lives under the Mexican frame with two faces in a lovely lady's home.

Red riding hood
 This one is the first one and she was framed. She has also gone to a happy home.

Red riding hood -framed

And the first piece to go at Cal was Marisa. She had seldom appeared ino public as she was a bit dark and dangerous. She now lives with a nice lady in the South East. Her model is Mrs Coulter. 


Marisa- back side

Bronze glazed birds, anteaters, Mother tapir, baby tapirs, tapir spoons, long tailed tits and a chameleon sold out as I had a small number of them. I will make more of these for autumn. I have other small ones, usual suspects, in my shop.   

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