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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

We had another great Ceramic Art London!

What a wonderful show it was! I would like to thank everyone who came, bought, and also those who organised and ran it. It was fantastic in a lovely new venue. This year we had big success again. We had amazing sales last year, but we exceeded them by Saturday lunch time. If you follow me in any social media, you know how much effort Mike and I had put into it. It is the biggest ceramic show in London. Quite a few customers flew in or came by Eurostar to see the show on that day. I hope all of you had a good time there.

Last week, I was very busy with follow up commissions and other orders. And at the weekend I caught Mike's bad cold and have had fever. But I had to work for the Tokyo exhibition as lots of works had sold and the builders are back with more disruption. The worst has passed now. So now I can finally start reporting about CAL.    

Here are some photos to show you what it was like. 

Setting up on Thursday. The artist behind the panel was nailing, so I had to hold the masks, just in case. 

Ready for the PV. I thought it looked a bit crowded and wondered if I should thin them out. But then a voice in my head said 'Once people come lots will go, and you won't have time to replenish. Remember last year!' So I left them as they were.  

And the voice was right, Wall pieces flew away and lots of little ones have gone too. Friday and Saturday I packed almost continuously. There was no time for a break or for the powder room until three on Saturday!   

Side view

The current issue of Ceramic Review has a write up about my Tokyo exhibition. Sue the editor gave me this.    

Ceramic Review
Lovely European Makers Gallery, Amsterdam, gave me this leaflet including my ancient Japanese child (sold). How lovely! 

Aerial view. I'm talking with Ipek Kotan (bottom) 

Sunday. Walls looked bare, so I rearranged all.  All masks except for Antelope have gone. Three angels have gone (three went last year, too!) Two bears and Grand Priestess have gone . The Mother Nature bear didn't find her sacred place to live. We are happy to keep her a bit longer. Last year large heads were popular, so I made more, this year masks were popular. You can never tell what will sell! 

  And here is a short film made by Ceramic Review at PV.  Can you spot my work? 


  1. This looks such a lovely exhibition. Alas my health has kept me indoors for a long time now. I hope to get to see you again one day. Your work is so beautiful, I am most pleased for your success. I hope that you feel much better soon and that the Japan show goes well for you. x

    1. Thank you, LeeAnn. I am so sorry to hear about your poor health. I hope you get back to your normal self again soon! Thank you! X