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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Angels have flown

Four Angels have flown to loving homes this winter.  I made them with solid and strong wings this time, as I had requests from the clients. previously I was not able to ship Angels with wings due to the fragility of the wings. But new ones could fly not only in the UK, but also globally. How nice!

I have experimented with different shapes of wings.

The last two Angels were from the New Ashgate Gallery.  Hello, people in Farnham, a lovely town!

I imagine they all watch over their new families. I wish their families peace and good health.



  1. Oooh.... Beautiful and Cute Angel Midori-San! Well Done ;-)
    Friendly yours,

  2. charming angels
    wonderful that you created a way to ship them with out damage

    1. I used to break their wings whilst packing. So I had to come up with solution. : ) Thank you, Tammie.